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  • I saw your question in your thread (About the EV berries) but it doesn't seem to be letting me post, so I'll answer here:

    It takes 26 berries now to remove 252 EV's. I know because I re-EV'ed my Drizzletoed, which had 252 SpDef EV's.
    I hope you don't mind, but I'll be using that Breloom line from your Whimsicott post in my sig.
    It's no problem, is it the one you were talking about the one that was hatched?Anyways, good luck with your battling!
    Hey, you don't happen to play random double battles on PBR, do you? I was playing against someone named Rai just now who used some UU Pokémon, and I thought there was a chance you might be the same person.
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